Global franchise model

Global Coffee Franchise

Global franchise model

Enjoy a unique cafe experience like never before. At King Coffee Cafe-chain, we do things differently. We are not a follower, but a trend setter. We believe that all walks of life should be able to enjoy the best coffee, paired with best food at anytime anywhere. This is why King Coffee offers variety of cafe concepts to suits all demographic of consumers world-wide.

Coffee is a source of inspiration to many and serves as the much-needed fuel to get through the day. King Coffee cafe-chain started out as a traditional ambiance-lifestyle concept promoting Vietnamese coffee culture. Our concept has now evolve into a more modern, sophisticated and contemporary concept to meet the global demand of consumers from all segment.

Why Franchise King Coffee ?



KING COFFEE luxury is designed as Grand Structure which can be easily spotted from a distance. The Cafe passessed multi-functional features where the full equipment needed to be execute the menu and serves Premium quality Coffee beans, Signature and Peronalize R&G coffee blend and also offer an Unique cold brew coffee extraction fo iced coffee.

The Customers can have the experience to enjoy the World of Coffee being served from ordering to preparatiob and service. The Coffee of The World – a Retail Corner KING COFFEE “TAKE KING COFFEE HOME” products.



KING COFFEE Braserrie Cafe are friendly and combines with the convenience of modern concepts and the traditional Vietnamese favorite staples well known all over The World of Coffee, The Coffee of The World with a Retail Corner offering more than 30 coffee beans origin on retail with “TAKE KING COFFEE HOME”. It is caters to all walk of life booking for first class friendly environments and ambience that offers great Vietnamese premium foods and many types of coffee at an affordable price.



KING COFFEE Grab & Go is a “Good Coffee, Grab & Go” takeaway concept, where main features are easy, convenient and fast way to grab a quality coffee & meal for the day. Is highly convenient for quick ordering & fast serving of great food & beverage quality at affordable prices. Grab & Go from Shop, Kiosk, and Mobile models caters for all walk of like that easy accessible to have a cup of coffee-to-go. The Coffee of The World – a Retail Corner KING COFFEE “TAKE KING COFFEE HOME”


KING COFFEE the Boutique store which featuring the best coffee quality in the World and varies from Coffee Beans to the best Coffee ground and wide range of selections instant King Coffee. The KING COFFEE Boutique showcase an assorted of the KING COFFEE Products and wide range of Accessories for gifts and souvenirs which can purchase online in the store and purchase direct from the store. The Coffee of The World – a Retail Corner KING COFFE “TAKE KING COFFEE HOME” products.

KING COFFEE Self Serve refers to a small, temporary, stand-alone booth used in high-traffic areas to cater for quick express service on coffee and marketing purposes. Its offers wide range of gourmet and instant best coffee-to-go quality from KING COFFEE. the Coffee of The World – a Retail Corner KING COFFE “TAKE KING COFFEE HOME” products

Process to Franchising

Fill in the contact form below and our franchising team will get in touch with you within 7 days.

Prior to us sharing any further details with you , we require you to sign the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). This will be given upon our contact with you

Step 1: Complete an information request form
Step 2: Speak with our franchise development team
Step 3: Review the FDD and secure financing
Step 4: Sign the Franchise Agreement and finalize site selection
Step 5: Attend training
Step 6: Receive onsite assistance
Step 7: Begin marketing to community
Step 8: Hold the grand opening for your King Coffee franchise

Global franchise model
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