Ca phe sua da Sai Gon uong lien

SAI GON (Ho Chi Minh City) has long been the cradle of Vietnamese coffee culture featured by the menu CA PHE SUA DA. Using the 20-year experience, KING COFFEE experts have created the ready-to-drink milk coffee which offer the typical characters and flavor of CA PHE SUA DA SAI GON thanks to the roasting know-how for both Arabica and Robusta, combined with traditional milk taste of Vietnamese.

Choosing KING COFFEE CA PHE SUA DA SAI GON, you will be able to enjoy the uniquely delicious notes desirable by millions of visitors came to Vietnam.


  • Main ingredients: Concentrated coffee, non-dairy creamer, skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder, sugar.
  • Direction:
    • Shake well before use.
    • Best served chilled or over ice.
    • Drink up after opening.
  • Packaging:
    • Can 238 mL (8.04 fl oz) (24 cans/tray)
  • Languages:  Vietnamese – English.